Azure spend now shows in subscription blade in Azure Portal

Microsoft have just released a nice little update to the Azure Portal to show your current spend on the subscription blade of the Azure portal. You used to have to go to the billing blade and be a billing administrator to see this information. The subscription blade only requires staff to have read access to the subscription to see the current and historical spend and they can’t modify the subscription in any way or see payment methods or billing address.


The subscription blade can be found by clicking on more services at the bottom of the left hand menu and using the filter or scrolling down to the General category. Clicking the star next to subscription will add it to your quick access menu on the left hand side of the screen.


Microsoft have also enabled the ability to see the Azure Marketplace costs associated with each subscription. This information can be accessed under the External Service button which is visible when clicking on the subscription in the subscription blade.


I really like the burn rate graph which is displayed on the detailed subscription blade, this is especially handy if you have an MSDN subscription as it gives you an indication if you are going to hit your cap or not ! For those that have not used an MSDN subscription you get a monthly Azure spend/cap and if you go over your cap everything gets shutdown (unless you put your credit card in) until your billing period roles over which can be embarrassing if you are in the middle of a demo :(.

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