Quickly switching between blades in Azure Portal

Since transitioning out of its beta status Microsoft has continued to update and develop portal.azure.com, which Microsoft staff commonly refer to as the Ibiza portal.  As more and more services which Microsoft call Resource Providers are added to the portal it can get quite confusing as to where you are and time consuming to move around between resource providers.

To make it easier to navigate, the Ibiza portal displays at the top of the page, the journey you have taken through the different blades associated with a resource.  you can back track to any blade by clicking on the name of that blade.


You can also quickly jump between resource provider blades by clicking on the chevron next to the Microsoft Azure logo at the top right of the page.  This will show you the resource providers that you have accessed during your current session.


You can quickly jump between resources providers by clicking on them.

ibiza-blade-history-2This makes it super easy for instance when you are testing ASR failover and want to check to see if your VM has shown up under virtual machines.  Or if you want to check Azure security center and then jump back to check on an Azure Automation job.

My final tip for navigating around the Ibiza portal is to use the minimise action to shrink blades back to a single bar.  This can be a good way clean up screen space with out having to do lots of left and right scrolling.

ibiza blade minimise.jpg


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