Azure – DevTest Labs


One of the things about becoming an MVP is that you get notified about all sorts of interesting things coming in the world of Azure.  One new feature that caught my eye this week was Azure DevTest Labs, which is currently in preview.  Claude Remillard gave a great overview of DevTest Labs at the recent AzureCon event.

My interest in DevTest Labs (and the reason that I have registered for the preview) is the work the team has done to make it easy to spin up labs for testing purposes, they can be set to shutdown automatically when idle! (yay no more wasted spend!).

There are a couple of other functions that really caught my eye:

  • Ability to set quota’s for labs on machine sizes and spend plus usage monitoring so its easy to see if spend in the Lab is on track
  • Lab User security role which locks the user out of the rest of the Azure subscription and ensures they can only access the lab and its associated resources
  • Scheduled Lab shutdown (Scheduled Lab startup is coming)   — there is not point in my mind for paying for the running cost of machines that are not required or being used
  • Integration in to Visual Studio release pipeline so that code can easily be deployed to a Lab for testing

As well as Development teams I can see this being useful for Infrastructure teams.  One question I get asked  alot is how can we give our staff the ability to create a couple of VM’s in Azure but control the spend……Do we have to create a subscription for each of them?  I see DevTest Lab as solving this and allowing a single subscription to be used.  A customer can setup a Lab for each staff member with a quota attached, with the scheduled shutdown or shutdown on idle enabled compute costs would be hugely minimised.

If you are interested you can sign up for the private preview on the DevTest Labs page

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